Ecstatic Theatrics Online Script Readings

Ecstatic Theatrics at TekVenture
Twistful Meadow at TekVenture
See JJ's scripts, pick your favorites and ask to read them at future readings.

Join us for online acting practice with Director/Playwright Jeannette Jaquish

Jeannette Jaquish, Director & Playwright
of Ecstatic Theatrics
at the TekVenture Maker Space stage, closed temporarily
260 750-9013 cell
260 484-5946 landline

Ecstatic Theatrics Zoom Script Readings
are open to all. I have LOTS of scripts.
You may see them at www.theaterfunscripts.com -- Tell me any you want to read online.

To join a Zoom Script Reading:
Register by emailing me, Jeannette Jaquish, at ecstatictheatrics@yahoo.com.
- Tell me your phone number and if there are times not to call.
- Select the Session(s) you want to join from the list below.

I will call you to ask how many actors, and to tell you your password.
I will email you the script and the link for your session.
After I talk to each family, I will tell you your role(s), which may change.
[Connecting a phone number with each personal password discourages misbehavior during the online event.]

Once you are registered, with your password and link:
-- Get your computer/or phone positioned, and lighting and microphone and chairs for all your readers prepared.
-- Print out your script read the whole thing and highlight your part.
-- If you want -- not required -- gather props, set pieces and wear a costume.
-- Link in 10 to 5 minutes before the session to download your Zoom app and be let into the online Zoom meeting.
-- This will be fun. We will do quick introductions, and I will describe the story and how the scene fits in. We will read it a few times and try to do it without scripts before our session ends. I may edit it for best stuff and play it on Youtube.
-- When isolation restrictions are reduced, you may want to perform at the Twistful Meadow.
-- When the pandemic is over, you may want to perform onstage with Ecstatic Theatrics at TekVenture, or put on your own show.

SCRIPT READING SESSIONS -- Updated Often Session #1
Monday, 6/1/2020, 10-11am
"Wizard of Oz" scenes with
Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Wizard and Witch.
(Later we will do scenes with Munchkins, Monkeys and Emerald Citizens.)
This is a funnier script than the MGM movie.

Session #2
Tuesday, 6/2/2020, 10-11am
"Don't Look in the Lake"
A spooky, dangerous, absurd comedy of life at camp.
7 to 11 characters: Camper kids and Counselor teens/adults of various personalities.

Session #3
Wednesday, 6/3/2020, 10-11am
"The Monkey's Paw", by W. W. Jacobs
The classic story of wishes gone bad.
Cast: Old man, old woman, grown son or daughter, Sergeant-Major Morris, Visitor from Maw & Meggins.

Email: ecstatictheatrics@yahoo.com