Sponsor a Free Ecstatic Theatrics Childrens' Theater Show!

and let 30 to 60 kids and parents watch a show free!

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Ecstatic Theatrics' artistic director Jeannette Jaquish has decided that the way to bring more theater to more families is to take advantage of the free rooms at libraries and put on

FREE Sponsored Performances!

Renting a stage and paying insurance is our biggest expense, by far. Without location costs, we can survive on sponsorships of $60 per show.

NOTE: This sponsorship is a purchase of publicity and a good deed, NOT a donation. Ecstatic Theatrics is NOT a non-profit 501C3 organization. We are just people putting on a show, a very labor intensive show, with few actual dollar expenses.

Please contact Jeannette Jaquish if you have questions, or just order via PayPal below.

Little Red Riding Hood and Fractured Fairy Tales -FW Libraries
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Email: ecstatictheatrics@yahoo.com