Cast & Scenes of ''Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice''

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a 90 minute play with 2 intermissions

Scene 1: At the Dursleys
Scene 2: Hagrid Greets Students off the Train
Scene 3: First Day of School
Scene 4: The Bistro
Scene 5: That Lousy Lunch
Scene 6: Visiting the House Elves Kitchen
Scene 7: The Obnoxious Voice (The Library) Scene 8: The Cafeteria
Scene 9: Meeting the Master


Petunia Dursley – Tammy Reust
Dudley –Isaac Lengacher (also Dementor, Crabbe)
Harry Potter - Reed / Elise
Dobby – (kindly, nervous) - Lainey Sisson
Winky – (sarcastic) - Makayla (also Ginny)
Ron Weasley– Ethan Welch Hermione Granger – Ashlyn Reust
Hagrid - James Hall
Peeves (can play another part) - Dylan Senff
Rita Skeeter/Bellatrix Lestrange - Audrey McCann
Colin Creavey - Ruby Hall (also Colin Creavey)
Ginny Weasley - Makayla Bender (also Ginny Weasley)
Prof. McGonagal - Jeannette Jaquish
Prof. Trewlaney - Sarah Allen Bender
Luna Lovegood - Ina Bender
Draco Malfoy - Korbin Reust
Pansy Parkinson - Brenna Watson
Crabbe - Isaac Lengacher (Dudley & Dementor)
Dementor Scene 2 behind Pansy - Peter Bolakowski
Dementor Scene 2 behind Draco - Dylan Senff
Dementor Scene 3-8 - Isaac Lengacher
Kreacher - Jeannette Jaquish
Moaning Myrtle - Brenna Watson
Snape – Dylan Senff (also Krampus, Dementor Sc.2)
Dumbledore- Peter Bolakowski(also Dementor Sc.2)
The Master - Jeannette Jaquish

Buffin - Suri King
Carrot – Ruby Hall (Colin)
Flinker - Oliver Welch
Ina - Ina Bender (Luna)