The Wizard of Oz
performed by Ecstatic Theatrics
at TekVenture

Original story by L. Frank Baum; Adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish

''And I won't be dumb and dumber after writing every number, if I only had a brain,'' -- Scarecrow

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This is the original L. Frank Baum story, as framed by the MGM movie, and enhanced by local playwright Jeannette Jaquish to have more humor, action and spotlight scenes by the Munchkins, Flying Monkeys, Emerald Citizens and Winky Guards. Wonderful goosebump quality music throughout, quirky wit, and physical humor make this probably the best Wizard of Oz show you will ever see!

"The Wicked Witch has lost her fight; Dorothy was her Kryptonite!" -- Glinda, The Good Witch


Mean ol' Miss Gully wants Toto destroyed or she'll sue for the family farm! Dorothy decides to run away to save her dog and the farm but gets caught in a tornado!

Dorothy's house swirls up in the tornado with Dorothy and Toto inside. Kerblam! They land in a strange, scary, colorful land.

Dorothy slaps the Lion trying to take a bite out of Toto!

The Emerald Citizens are thrilled to meet the little girl who squashed the Munchkins' Witch!

The Wicked Witch sends flying monkeys to steal Toto and Dorothy and the magical ruby slippers.