The Maze

in the planning stage and early mowing.


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- The maze is one long maze starting simply and increasing in complexity. Escape gates create short, medium, long maze extensions, prior to the Labyrinth Of Doom final stretch.

It starts with a cool playground within a simple loops and pathways and bridges & tunnels maze. It will have 2 entrances, making it the simplest section of the maze.
Beyond that, the maze has three more escape gates with more and more difficult sections and obstacles in between ending with The Labyrinth of Doom.

The maze contains other pods of activity along the way, such as puzzle obstacles to solve, interesting statuary, sometimes costumed characters to interact or battle with, gardens, devices, fantasy villages, photo ops, and locations like a Hobbit Shire, and bells to ring to show off how far you have gotten.

I have already made a huge maze in the field three years ago.
Now, I will design the Maze to spell TekVenture or River City or whatever we want it to say when viewed from the sky.
Eventually, it will show up on GoogleMaps!

All kinds of fun action events can take place in the Meadow areas:
- Squirt gun battles.
- Video game style boffo bat and squirt gun encounters with costumed characters.