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Adventure Playgrounds go back to the not completely safe playgrounds of yore. It seems that when children have to really look at how far down it is and where to grab and step,
it stimulates creativity, problem solving, bravery, confidence,
and fewer kids get hurt.

You've seen the smooth, rounded plastic playgrounds?
How kids to make them interesting will go up the ladders backwards,
climb up on the peaked roof over the "fort platform"?

Toddlers need to be kept off structures that are too large for their height and grip.

Some play structure mechanisms at Where the Wild Things Play will be tricky enough that a child will need to pass a skills test,

such as balance, strength, the ability to follow directions, the ability to recognize danger, an understanding of rules and cooperation, aim, calmness, or leaping.

Kids like to earn certifications for accomplishment privileges, to play on the big kids equipment.

Would you like to help build these things?
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