Ecstatic Theatrics Events at TekVenture!


Dec. 9, 2017
TekVenture Elves Make-a-Gift Workshop
For the Whole Family!
Maker Elves supervise your family using hand and power tools:
drills, saws, hammers, drivers, routers, soldering, sewing machines, paint and glues to make cool stuff out of wood, metal, cloth, clay (glazed and fired over two days), fabric, hardware, screws, washers, eye hooks, stain, to make all kinds of cool stuff, ceramics, miniatures, art, useful things, and simple electric circuits,
for a materials fee of $1 to $20, most $3 to $5 each.

Portaits with Santa or Krampus!
Bring your own camera and you or we will shoot the photo, or we'll shoot it with our camera and send you the digital files for $5. Then use our computers to send the digital images to Walgreens or Target and go pick up cards or photos afterwards, same day!

Free 15 min. performance every hour of
"When Santa's Away" &
"Reindeer #3 is Squeaking"
by Zephyr & Jeannette Jaquish
-- What happens when Santa goes on vacation and the Elves are left unsupervised?
-- The school Christmas show is tomorrow but the actors won't focus! Will it be a disaster?

Make Gifts -- Entertainment -- SnackBar -- Portraits with Santa or Krampus (or a tug of war between them) -- Creativity and Building!
Join us for this fun event.

Saturday, Dec. 9, 1 to 5pm
TekVenture Stage, 1550 Griffin St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803

FREE Admission & Show. Only pay materials fee if you make a gift or if we shoot your Santa or Krampus portrait with our camera.


TekVenture is a Maker Space, with shared building equipment from home tools to industrial. Members pay a monthly fee to have access and guidance to all the equipment for woodworking, metal shaping, welding and blacksmithing, electronics and robotics, claywork/ceramics and sewing. We have lots of nails, screws, bolts, drill bits, hinges, hardware, tools, table space, safety equipment and advice to work on your own project.


HOURS: 1 to 9pm Wed. thru Sun.

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Part of the Woodworking Area, Milling machine in front

The Drill Press

A Chop Saw

A Little Table someone made

A frame for a model church or barn?

Working atop a workbench making a stage fireplace

Log Cutter turning old trees into rustic boards

Set for the last show, Nov. 2017: "Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice"

Balcony on stage