Order Tickets & Meals for Wizard of Oz
August 24 & 25, 2018 at TekVenture
Dinner at 6pm, Show at 7pm.

You may also pay cash at the door, instead.

What Day?

Adult $8........ Medium Kid $6........ Small Child $4
The difference is serving size. Meat is optional.
Price above includes all food choices below.
PRICES below are for ordering items separately. Just pay one of the prices above that covers it, and we will give you change at the show.

$4 - Irish Stew: Beef & sausage optional, potatoes, carrots, spice, onions & corn.
$3 - Macaroni with spaghetti sauce & Parmesan or grated cheese, optional meatballs.

$2 - Garden Salad: actual garden tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, dried cranberries. Choice of dressings.
OR Sliced Fruit

$0.50 - Whole grain or white bread with butter
$1 - Milk, water, soda, or coffee.

$3 - Dessert served at intermission:
- Apple Tree Spice Cake a la mode
OR - Uncle Henry's Chocolate Cake a la mode
OR - Ice Cream with nuts & chocolate sauce.

---We are not asking you to tell us every choice here. We will cook plenty, so your choice should be there if you arrive by 6:15pm.

How many:
Explain special food requests

Email: ecstatictheatrics@yahoo.com