Free Theater Scripts for Allen County, Indiana

by Jeannette Jaquish

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I, Jeannette Jaquish will grant free performance license to any person, school, theater, business or organization in Allen County, Indiana, to perform any of my authored scripts from now through August 2017, upon their request and notification to me. Music, tech notes, posters, and stage design, if they exist, are included. Postage of a few dollars for music CDs is all that I require, or you can pick them up -- I live in Fort Wayne.

How? Simply go to my scripts website:
and select what you want from the 40+ short to full length scripts written or adapted by Jeannette Jaquish. Call 260 484-5946 or email for help selecting.
Click on "ORDER" and fill in the script title(s) and your contact information, and write "Allen County, Indiana" into "Comments" or "Promo Code".
Click "SUBMIT" and you are done! Go no further. Do not fill out payment information. I will send you the script and license.

These scripts are exciting, funny, flexible and varied, with great lines for everyone. They range from full length "Alice in Wonderland", "Wizard of Oz", "Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice", (over 2 hours each), to medium "Don't Look in the Lake" (25 minutes) to very short and easy: "The Damsel Game" (14 minutes) and "Snow White and the Eco-Disaster Dwarves" (3 minutes). Some deal with science. All will delight actors and audience.

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3 FREE Scene Books: "Even Talking Frogs Forget Their Lines"
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Then use for free: for performing - you can sell tickets and keep the money; You can even sell them!